Start writing AngularJS apps over a single weekend

Shoreditch, London

5th - 6th April, 2014

About the workshop

Why Angular?

Supported by Google and a fast-growing community of developers, AngularJS is the 6th most starred repository on Github and the 4th with the most contributors for 2013. And there is a good reason for that.

Who's the workshop aimed at?

Anyone with basic programming skills, understanding of HTML and not much JavaScript experience (jQuery does count!). Ideally you have done some web development, but that's not a strict requirement. The workshop will be particularly useful for Ruby on Rails, Django or PHP developers, interested in writing client-side single-page web applications.

What you'll learn

Day 1

Getting to grips with JS

Data types

A quick run through on the Primitive data types (String, Number & Boolean), the Composite data types (Objects & Arrays) and the Special data types (Null & Undefined).


Using breakpoints to step through our JavaScript. Also memory profiling to see where our JavaScript might be slow.

Good JavaScript

Using modules to keep our code maintainable and friendly for other developers to use. Refactoring our code from spaghetti messes into small, manageable chunks.

Design Patterns

Organising our code further using battle-tested design patterns. Also a run-through of callbacks and promises for asynchronous programming.


JavaScript's take on Object Oriented Programming. An explanation of the "new" keyword and prototypal inheritance.

Dependency Management & Tooling

A look at Require.js & Browserify for supercharging our modules. A look at Grunt & Gulp for our workflow and build-step needs.

Day 2

Get ready for some AngularJS action

AngularJS foundation

What makes AngularJS different and how it works? Only the core concepts you need to know.

Controllers and $scope

Understanding Angular's dependency injection, the two-way data-binding and the glue between your controllers and views.

Models and Views

Interacting with backend APIs. Bringing HTML to the next level with the built-in directives. Working with input fields, rendering data and more.


Single-page apps anyone? Dealing with routes with ng-route and a brief look at ui-router.

Testing with Jasmine

Setting up the Karma test runner and writing tests with Jasmine - a BDD testing framework for Javascript.

Services and modules

How to organise your growing code-base and keep it testable with services and modules.

Your hosts

Ben Howdle

Ben Howdle @benhowdle

Built the new KashFlow front-end using Backbone.js in 2013 and now consults for London startups on a freelance basis, working with Node.js & the whole front-end stack.

Svilen Gospodinov

Svilen Gospodinov @svileng

Technical Lead at Mastered and Ruby on Rails / AngularJS developer. Secretly using Node.js and CoffeeScript when no one's looking.

Dates, Location & Requirements

London, 5th - 6th April

Saturday: 10am - 5pm. Sunday: 10am - 5pm

The perfect location for learning, a spacious studio situated right next to Old St. roundabout and tube station. A silly amount of places to eat and grab a coffee are within walking distance. That felt like a Rightmove ad...but really; it's great.

Sidekick Studios
Third Floor, Fergusson House
124-128 City Road

Only requirement: bring your laptop!

Sidekick Studios

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